Nicole Cecil B

International Contemporary Exhibition "MATER" M.A.D.S. Milano Italy
3 artworks

International Contemporary Exhibition "MATER" M.A.D.S. Milano Italy. November 2020 From the M.A.D.S. Catalogue 2020: "Nicole Cecil Bräunig-Reichel lives in Berlin and works in the international management of an electronics company. She began to express her experience in a very sensitive and personal way, reflecting on her personal perception of the world, fluctuating between the presence of death and the pure desire to live. “Everything is ok” is a work that in all its positivity, wants to focu

I feel sLOVEnia - With Stone Art
10 artworks

Art inspired by Sovenia - and my love. Created of things that randomly caught my eyes...

Art inspired by Nature - Back to the Roots: The period of „Social distancing“
19 artworks

During this period of „Social distancing“ many of us are not able to visit their Studios. So am I. Finally I found my new „Atelier“ in nature: My very favorite place on a mountain. Often I use to sit here for hours and hours, in absolute silence... observing the „Art“ created by nature. And then I started to paint: All back to the roots, back to nature... Mostly with Wood works. For a better understanding of my works I have added the pictures of my "inspiring places". I hope this feeling is w

Exhibition - Frauenkircherl Erding January 2020
13 artworks

Nicole Cecil Bräunig-Reichel's next exhibition will take place from 03.01. to 10.01.2020 in the "Frauenkircherl", Schrannenplatz 2, DE-85435 Erding.

Book - "Stationen: Befreiung - Freiheit - Leben" by Nicole Cecil B
1 artwork

Nicole Cecil Bräunig-Reichel's new book "Stationen: Befreiung - Freiheit - Leben" with selected poems and paintings has been published in November 2019. It is available in german and english. Please send an email regarding pricing and leadtime.

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